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Design in Decor is a Washington, DC-based residential interior styling and decoration firm, providing in-home design services, virtual design services, and project consultations.

Our dedicated, guided approach to connecting with clients allows us to fully understand their story, lifestyle, and specific requirements for their spaces.  We work directly with you to really understand and interpret who you are and the concept of your home, and then thoughtfully craft a look that will incorporate your style and personality.  

Our background is deeply rooted in project management, and we know that effective communication, planning, and budgeting are key to successful projects.  We can manage every stage of the project, liaise with vendors and contractors, and ensure efficient execution from start to finish.

The journey to developing your dream home is truly a collaborative effort.  We believe that the most impactful designs, the spaces that truly feel like you, are the result of meaningful dialogue, understanding, and trust. 



I started Design in Decor in 2010 as a blog primarily to have a creative outlet.  While working in my technology job, I yearned for a space where I could explore the world of design, fashion, art, and interiors.  I always loved the way personal style transcended into interior design, and I wanted a place to delve into this concept.  My initial focus was to highlight how different fashion trends and styles could be mimicked in home decor. 

Through the years, although both my personal and interior aesthetics have evolved, the concept of homes and spaces representing personal style still stands.  I think that an interior space should be a form of self-expression, telling the story and lifestyle of the person living in it.  It is the personal elements that really make a space accessible, inviting, and comfortable.

Today, I have revamped this site to highlight my new designs and decoration services.  I am drawn to light, clean styles that incorporate modern elements within classic designs in an intentional, cohesive way.  I like spaces that are attainable and balanced, mixing high and low, new and vintage, neutrals and quirky pops of unexpected. 

I hope you take a look at the Design in Decor portfolio, explore the services we offer, and connect with us to help transform your space into your dream home!

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